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Wherever you are in your journey, you are welcome here. If this is your first time with us or if you have been here for years, we want to connect with you. 

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Men’s Ministry – August 6-8, Join us for a Men’s Backpacking Trip to Seaton Creek in the Manistee National Forest. We will meet at the Rockford Campus at 7am and ride together. Cost is $12, email [email protected] for a link to register.

Family Drive-In Movie Night – Friday, August 7, 7:30 – Rockford Campus parking lot. is inviting all families to a church-wide Drive-In Movie Night presenting Disney’s Aladdin (live action 2019 version). Experience the Drive-In of the past and have a blast with your family and friends. Popcorn provided, no cost, please bring blankets or low back lawn chairs. No reservation required. If it rains, event will be cancelled.

Baptism Service – August 30 – Let’s join together as a church family to cheer on those who are making their faith in Jesus Christ public through baptism. The celebration includes baptism stories and worship.

Time: 12:30pm 

Location: 11015 S. Spruce Avenue, Grant, MI

Bring: your own lawn chair or blanket and your own picnic lunch to share with your family or small group.

RSVP: So we can prepare for you and your family, please RSVP here.

If you want to be baptized, attend the morning service on August 30, plus share your story via these 2 options:
1. Complete the online form by August 23.
2. Share your story with a pastor August 9, 16 or 23 at 10:15-10:45am. Bring a copy of your story. Ensley Campus – Campus Office, Northview Campus – LRG2, Rockford Campus – Room 304.

Giving Update as of 7-27-20

July 2020

Typical July Giving (Trends)

To Date

Budgeted Income

$ 429,083

$ 346,354


Actual Income Received to Date

$ 376,069

$ 376,069

$ 688,673

Surplus (shortfall) $ -53,014

 $  -29,716

$  -103,481


Use Your Gifts. Change the World: Do what you’re designed to do and have fun doing it. Meet people. Make a real difference in peoples’ lives. Join the hundreds of people who volunteer every week serving to make this place a reality,


Tim and Rebecca Hawkins – England

Who’s setting the pace? In lockdown one of the few things we could leave the house for was exercise. Our exercise of choice was walking. Like most shared adventures in life it required compromise. Rebecca walks fast, like she’s on a mission, I stroll like my mind is engaged elsewhere. We had to find a pace everyone could live with. A few weeks back, the acronym PACE came up in conversation. A quick walk through the acronym should explain everything. The P is for Primary. Our primary plan was to leave the UK for the states on June 10. When travel restrictions made that impossible and our flights were cancelled we moved on to the A or Alternate. We booked flights for July 30. Before long those flights were cancelled and we moved on to Alternate #2 and tried flights with a more dependable airline. They ended up charging us 6 times, without actually booking us on flights. We eventually got all our money back and those flights ended up cancelled. On to C for Contingency. We’ve stopped booking flights for now but have set a “leave no later than” date of October 1. Until then, we’ll stay put in England, preparing for our big move, starting some of our home assignment work and enjoying our ministry community for a little longer than expected. Then there is E, as in Emergency. We do have a plan for a worst case scenario. We’re still not able to meet as a full group, but have been able to host some men’s/women’s evenings at our house and continue our Bible studies online. I learned a saying a long time ago that has been helpful in keeping me centered. “God is not trying to teach us a thousand different things. He’s trying to teach us one thing a thousand different ways, and that is to trust Him.” Apparently “pace” in Latin is a form of pax, meaning peace or permission and when used sincerely does indeed suggest both. We want to be at peace with the pace our Father sets. It’s His world, He is active in it and He is good.

Updated July 29, 2020