Modified in-person gatherings this Sunday

All campuses will be open for in person gathering services this Sunday with modifications. You can see a list of the guidelines here or check out this video to see what to expect. We know that people have varying levels of comfort in regard to coming back in person. We welcome you wherever you are at in this process. Our online services will continue indefinitely.

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Sunday Follow Up :: Oct 21


Yesterday marked Week 3 of our current series, Life to the Full, which covers the content in our FUSE booklet. Tate spoke on Jesus’ call to relate to one another in the midst of broken relationships. He then highlighted four important words to be aware of in every relationship: fear, pride, truth and love. 

Scripture – Hebrews 10:24-25

Parents, here are some questions you can ask your students in response to the message:

  • Why are relationships imperfect?
  • What is the double love command?
  • Are you motived more by pride or fear?
  • What does it mean to balance truth and love?

Tate Radaz
High School Program Director



This week in our Middle School teaching Steve High continued our series on the Majors. He taught about the Fall and specifically how that brokenness and sin is inside each one of us. We reflected on the words that the Bible uses to describe us in our sin without Christ. It says we are lost, slaves, blind, dead and enemies of God. This is a pretty hopeless position, and without the gospel this is where we would stay. The Bible tells us that because of the what God has done for us we can be changed from lost to found, from slaves to sons, from blind to being able to see, from death to life and from being enemies to being at peace with God. What an amazing gift of grace!

Parents, here are some questions you can ask your students in response to the message:

  • Share from your own life one way you see that sin and brokenness are inside you. Invite your son or daughter to share an example from their life.
  • What is one way that the Bible describes us in our sin without Christ? How would you explain what that means?
  • Without God’s gift of grace, there no way that we could have escaped our sin on our own. How can you show God that you are grateful for that gift?
Pastor :: Student Ministries