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Sunday Follow Up: Dec 1

Sunday Follow Up :: niteLIFE

Throughout much of the 20th century, Christian conversions were quantified by one-time decisions. But are one-time decisions to follow Christ an accurate qualification for justification? Isaac Bronkema discussed this idea at niteLIFE continuing our series in Galatians titled, No Other Gospel. Living for Christ is initiated by devotion, not just a decision. That’s not to say one must work out their salvation, but a regenerated heart will show more and more evidences of sanctification by their actions. Therefore, if we profess to love Christ, we should also strive for holiness to the glory of God the Father. 

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Parents, here are some questions you can ask your students in response to the message:

Have you ever made a decision to follow Christ?

If so, how have you changed since then?

If not, what’s stopping you from making a decision?

Why do you think discipleship is best measured by devotion rather than decision?

What does it look like to be devoted to Jesus?