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followUP :: September 29


This past Sunday night, Tate taught on the second part of our series through the book of Galatians titled No Other Gospel. Our passage was Galatians 1:11-2:14. Because the Gospel is authoritative, because it gives new life, and because it leads us to bring life, it ultimately gives us reason to open our mouths. We have the written word of God, the final authority on matters of Christianity and how to live for God. Since we know the gospel gives new life, we can be assured that those who were dead in their sins can be restored in Christ. If we are restored, our lives should then be a beacon pointing to Christ by our actions in bringing life to others. And finally, if the gospel is the only true salvation, it should lead us to a place of boldness in opening our mouths to proclaim and protect it.

Questions to ask ::
What are some books or movies that have redemption narratives?
Has trusting in Jesus changed your life in any way?
Do you know anyone who you can share the gospel and/or your testimony with?
Have you heard of a story or opinion that is different than what is written in the Bible?
How does the gospel give us motivation to serve others?

Tate Radaz
High School Program Director