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followUP :: October 20

Sunday Follow Up :: niteLIFE

What is the difference between knowing Christ and trusting Christ? Last night, Isaac answered this question in the fourth part of our series through Galatians titled No Other Gospel. Paul writes in the last half of chapter two the beautiful truth that we “know that a person is not justified by works of the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ.” One can know the reality of Jesus Christ without putting their faith in Jesus Christ; it is though we tell other people that Jesus saves sinners while we ourselves are trusting in our own works. Praise God for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, for without it we would forever be condemned in the sight of a perfect and holy Judge. Because of our justification in Jesus, following the Law becomes an opportunity to move towards the God of our salvation in obedience and gratitude.

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Parents, here are some questions you can ask your students in response to the message ::

What does it mean to be justified to God?

Why do we need to be justified? How does that happen?

Is there a difference between knowing who Jesus is and trusting in Jesus? What is it?

How does trusting in Christ affect how we act?