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followUP :: October 13

God created us with the desire to be seen as significant (valuable, important, loved, etc.) and secure (safe, assured, comforted, etc.) so that we turn to Him. But in our sin, we can fall into the trap of thinking other people fulfill those needs perfectly. Last night, Stu spoke on the third part of our series, No Other Gospel, with a sermon titled Choosing God Over People. Through Paul’s letter to the Galatians, he paints a clear picture that pleasing man and pleasing God are incompatible; they are two opposite things. Loving Christ and looking to our heavenly Father for our significance and security are not only commands, they offer a freedom that releases us from the shackles of fear and worry of social acceptance. 

Parents, here are some questions you can ask your students in response to the message ::

How have you seen peer pressure play out in your life?

How can you tell when you are trying to please man and not God?

Why is it a sin to try to please man and not God?

Have you ever experienced a time when you felt significant and secure in Christ? What was that like?

What would change in your life if you rid yourself from the worry of pleasing other people instead of God?


Tate Radaz
High School Programming Director