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followUP :: March24


This past Sundays topic was on Authority. We all have people of Authority in our lives and within all of us we have a pull that wants to be our own Authority. We see this in Adam & Eve and we can see it in our own life. We need to remember two things: God has placed those people in Authority and secondly, how we honor Authority is how we honor God.

Question to ask ::
What are ways you can honor Authority?


This past Sundays topic was on God’s story of sexuality. Sexuality is a gift from God. As it’s designer, only God can tell us the purpose and value of sexuality and also the ways that it will bring us the most flourishing. His word is clear that sex is intended to bring life and unity within a marriage between a man and a woman. The question is, will we trust Him and His plan or will we try to make things work according to our own plan and design?

Question to ask ::
Do you have someone in your life you can ask questions about this topic?

Trevor Hunt
Middle School Director


Most of us, if not all, can think of a time we chose to lie or at least not tell the full truth. At niteLIFE, Isaac told us what God thinks about “bearing false testimony” to your neighbor in the fifth part of our series A New Kind of Law. According to the law given to Moses, even one lie is enough for judgement from a holy and just God. However, when we look to Jesus in faith and repent of our old ways of living, we are hidden in the perfection and righteousness of Christ. Only then can we move forward to healthily eradicate sin from our lives.

Questions to ask ::
Where do you see deception take place in social media? Entertainment?
When was a time that your decision to lie hurt someone?
What is it that motivates you to lie?
What does it mean to be hidden with Christ?
How can you begin to replace your desire to lie with the desire to speak truth?

Tate Radaz
High School Program Director