Modified in-person gatherings this Sunday

All campuses will be open for in person gathering services this Sunday with modifications. You can see a list of the guidelines here or check out this video to see what to expect. We know that people have varying levels of comfort in regard to coming back in person. We welcome you wherever you are at in this process. Our online services will continue indefinitely.

Student News Feed

followUP :: December 3


As Christ followers, we are told by Jesus that a part of our identity is to spread the Word of God to the ends of the earth. In order to do that we must first be made new creations which only comes through faith in Jesus. As ambassadors, we carry the message of salvation to those who have not heard it. God’s mission is to see every heart come to know who He is and He graciously invites us to take part in it. Three practical steps we can take to spread the Gospel are to pray for the lost, love our neighbors and go share the hope of Jesus Christ. 

Scripture – 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; John 17:20

Questions to ask 

What does the word “Gospel” mean?
What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
What are some things that get in the way of sharing the Word of God?
Do you have anyone you know that might not know Jesus? If so, how can you start to pray for them? If not, how can you find people who don’t?


At niteLIFE Trevor Hunt talked through the morning message that Pastor Matt presented. We are closing our two-week series on equipping our students to have better tools engaging with the morning message. We presented Romans 14 and talked with our students about judging other peoples worship. The text taught us to take the focus off of others worship and to focus back on us. 

Questions to ask

What are the areas where you judge others?
What ways could your actions harm others from worshipping as they feel led?

Trevor Hunt
Director Grade 5/6


Jesus, during the time of his ministry, used parables to teach his followers about heavenly ideas. On Sunday, Andrew Bauer walked us through the Parable of the Soils. He did so in a way called Simply the Story, a method intended for group interaction and a safe flow of ideas. We learned about what it means to have a willing or soft heart towards God rather than a closed or hard heart. 

Scripture – Mark 4:3-9

Questions to ask

What are some characteristics of a hard heart? A soft heart?
What are the metaphors used in the parable?
What happens when we are faithful and willing to hear God’s Word?

Tate Radaz
High School Program Director