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followUP :: April 7


Have you ever desired something you don’t have? Last night, Stu opened up the discussion about covetousness in the final part of our series A New Kind of Law. To explain the idea, Stu talked about the opposite of covetousness: contentment. We throw out the phrase “Jesus is enough” as if He will only provide for the bare minimum; however, we are invited to redefine the  phrase. The reality is that Jesus is abundantly enough. In fact, He is the only way to true life. 

Questions to ask ::
Have you desired something you don’t have?
What are some of those things?
In those moments, what are you idolizing?
What do you think of the apostle Paul’s statement, “But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”?
What would change in your life if you found your contentment in Christ? 

Tate Radaz
High School Program Director