Women at Risk - and Art Prize

August 27, 2018

S.O.A.P. is a project that involves wrapping bars of soap in labels that have the national human trafficking hotline (1-888-3737-888) printed on them. The labeled bars are distributed to local hotels to be placed in bathrooms, creating the opportunity for victims to seek necessary help. Along with these bars, posters of missing children are handed out to hotel staff members, encouraging them to report any suspicious activity that could occur at their place of employment.
We invite you to join Women At Risk, International (WAR, Int’l) on Saturday, September 15, as we drive around to Grand Rapids (MI) area hotels and offer them these complimentary labeled soaps. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from WAR, Intl founder and president, Becky McDonald, and S.O.A.P founder Theresa Flores. The cost is just $15, which covers your lunch (catered by our own Tea Trade Cafe).
You can register here: