January 14, 2018

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Prayer Central :: Prayer is central to our mission. Help us make Blythefield the greatest praying church. Signup here.

Prayer Opps :: Whether you need prayer or want to pray, there are many ways to be involved here.

Membership Class :: If you are interested in church membership please join us Jan 21, 10:50a at either campus, Rockford rm 300 or Northview rm 100.

Grafted is offering 3 adoption support groups at the Rockford Campus. Groups run, Jan 14-Feb 25, 4-5:15p. For Qs and to sign up, contact Lesley.
1) for those considering adoption/foster care of refugees;
2) for families who have been home for  1-5 years with adopted children;
3) for families with adopted adolescents.

Men’s and Women’s Bible Study :: The winter sessions begin soon. For more info and to register visit,

Marriage Class :: Does your marriage need a tuneup, an overhaul, or do you want to help others in their marriage? Join us for the marriage class Sunday evenings, Jan 21-April 29. Limited space available. Contact Kathryn.

Forward Together :: Year End Update
2017 Giving statements will be sent out on Jan 15. Qs contact Laura.


Make a Difference Together :: For current serving opportunities for your small group or family click on the SERVE Blog button located on our missions page.


Reach Prayer Group :: Begins Jan 21, 10:50a in rm 304. Please join us in praying for your loved ones. We will be praying on the first and third Sunday of the month. Qs contact Chris at 616.240.0459.

Missions request :: Our missionary to Japan, Kevin Cochrane will be home for a one year furlough in April. He is in need of a reliable vehicle to borrow, rent or buy. If you have a vehicle that fits this description, please contact him by Feb 1, at

News from Lauren Markel in Kalamzoo
Hello Blythefield! Ron and I had the privilege of attending my 20th year youth group reunion. What a blessing to be able to share with old friends that this was the place where I learned how to be in Christian community, how to study the Bible, and how to pray and worship. What an honor to be able to pass that onto my students now. We have a huge outreach coming up MLK day tomorrow where The gospel will be preached and a call to follow Jesus will be given. Would you pray that 90 students attend? Our family was able to visit Jasmin Bradshaw at Disney over Christmas and the girls loved seeing Rapuzel. Healthwise, I’m doing really well, but because there’s no cure right now we need God’s absolute discernment in treatment and really do believe that he’s going to heal miraculously. If you could pray for peace, overwhelming joy, sleep, healing, and discernment for our family that would be amazing.

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