Missionaries and Organizations

Back to Back Ministries in Mexico Trip. Julie and Scott Kruizenga run a mission trip to this ministry every spring, contact Julie Kruizenga.

Families Through Adoption, contact Char Lanning.

Refugee Foster Care, contact Ana Jose at Bethany Christian Services if you are interested.

Safe Families for Children is a program that provides temporary homes for children while parents deal with crisis situations. The goal of the Safe Families for Children Ministry is to offer support in a time of need and reunite children with their families in a stronger home environment. This temporary care for children in need gives parents time to establish stability in their homes while providing a safe place for their children. Scott and Julie Kruizenga are currently involved in this super program. You can contact her or Bethany Christian services for more information. Watch this video for more information.

His Home in Haiti from Shari Farrell. We would appreciate prayer for finding the appropriate lawyer that will help us pursue Special Juvenile Immigrant Status for John Walton. We are praying for a lawyer that will work for small fees or pro bono.  Also – please pray for HIS Home for Children. Haiti is on the verge of civil war and supplies are scarce. Prayers for safety and supplies to feed and care for 72 children and the staff.

Chad and Marlana Smith in Guatemala, Smith Happenings in Guatemala. The Smiths have been very busy as a family and also in their role as director in country of World Orphans. As a family, they celebrated Guatemala Independence day, built a loft bed for Emmet, and are very thankful Sam was able to fight off phenomena recently. As a ministry they welcomed a team from Olivet down to build relationships, they were able to travel to Colorado for a conference, and they will have a LIVE stream on 11/21 at 7:30 pm to celebrate all God is doing in their ministry. You can see the details on their Facebook page: smith happenings in Guatemala, and they are asking that we join them in prayer that World Orphans will have legal nonprofit by early next year.

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