Global Partners

Gene & Marilyn Ahrens :: North Carolina
Gene & Marilyn are members of Wycliffe and have served in Papua New Guinea and Suriname, respectively. They now serve at the Museum of the Alphabet and the Mexico-Cardenas Museum, located at the JAARS Center.

Tim & Andrea Blazer :: Brazil
Tim & Andrea serve with ABWE in Fortaleza Brazil, training national leaders. They are partnering with Maranatha Multicultural Ministries and Bible Baptist Church of Planalto to develop a church planting training center. Blog

Mel & Sally Boerema :: Alberta Canada
Mel & Sally Boerema serve with NAIM and the Piikani people are part of the Blackfoot confederation.

Kevin Cochrane :: Sendai Japan
Kevin is serving with SEND International in the country of Japan, where less than 1% of the people identify as Protestant Christians. Kevin and his teammate’s focus is starting a new church plant in Sendai which they pray will help catalyze a church planting movement across Japan. Blog

Dan & Kelly Cook :: Brazil
Dan & Kelly are serving with ABWE in Recife, Brazil. Dan is the regional director for Good Soil in Brazil which takes him all over Brazil for leadership training. They are involved in leadership training for church planting movements and camp ministry. Dan is also the director of Camp Paradise which is situated 50 km north of greater Recife.

Tim & Michele George :: Mozambique
Tim and Michele are in Mozambique with Serving In Missions where they are involved in training national pastors with the Yao people. Tim and Michele have four young children. Blog

Antonio & Betty Gomez :: Mexico
The Gomez Family lives in Torreon, Mexico. Antonio heads up the Spanish American Mission. They supervise and help with preaching and administration in other churches in the Torreon area. Antonio also oversees the school of special education.

Larry & Pat Groat :: Grand Rapids, MI
Larry & Pat are retired missionaries from Baptist Mid-Missions. They are active in outreach and elderly care in their home church at our Northview Campus.

Joel Groat :: Grand Rapids, MI
Joel serves as Director of Ministries for the Institute for Religious Research. Joel overseas their domestic and international ministry equipping Christians to share and defend their faith, especially in response to the challenge of heretical groups like Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Bob & Sandy Hanna :: Costa Rica
Bob & Sandy serve with TEAM training leaders for the evangelical church. Their primary work is writing and publishing discipleship materials and study tools for pastors and students. Most recently they launched a website for training students.

Tim & Rebecca Hawkins :: England
Tim & Rebecca serve with Cadence International to students & servicemen in England.

Jeff & Joyellen Hazard :: Kenya 
The Hazards
 serve with Africa Inland Mission at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya. Jeff is the Dean of Students and soccer coach. Joyellen teaches at RVA does some coaching.

Andrew H :: Manila
Andrew has been a member at BHBC since 2006 and has served in eV and as a deacon. He now teaches in Manila to equip leaders throughout Asia.

Jason & Lisa :: Arab World
Jason & Lisa Live Dead training team.

Lauren & Ron Markel :: Cleveland Tennessee
Lauren is on staff with Inter-Varsity.

Steve & Sue Mayo :: Australia
Steve & Sue serve with ABWE in Australia as church planters and other areas.

Bob & Patty Nosker :: Venezuela
Bob & Patty have been working with the Pemon Indian Tribe of SE Venezuela since 1974. In 2005 Bob and Patty left Venezuela due to the political unrest and are now doing translation and teaching work with the Pemon via the internet. They continue to work with nationals, Pino and Rosa, helping them with evangelistic outreach.

Zeb Potter :: Chicago IL
Zeb is serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) as a coordinator in the Chicago metro area. He works alongside local church teams as they partner with local public schools to set up and run after-school Good News Clubs to bring the gospel of Christ into the public schools of Chicago.

Brian & Linsey Smith :: Wisconsin
Brian & Linsey are serving with Athletes in Action at the University of Wisconsin Madison. They are involved in discipleship, leading Bible studies and organizing group outreach. Brian, grew up at BHBC and is one of the original Blythefield Basketball Assoication (BBA) founders.

Chad & Marlana Smith :: Guatemala
Chad & Marlana are serving with AMG International in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Chad is the vice president of AMG Guatemala where they focus on bringing the Healing Hope of Jesus to hurting children and their families from hard places in wholistic ways.  Chad’s roles include influencing organizational structure, vision casting and implementation of new programs and leadership development and discipleship of national leaders.

Gaia & Mike Stanley :: Ann Arbor, MI
Gaia ministers with New Life Church discipling students leaders to in-turn share Jesus on the campus of UM. Gaia’s husband Mike, helps in many aspects of Gaia’s ministry.

John & Betty Teusink :: Togo
John & Betty serve with ABWE in Togo at Hôpital Baptiste Biblique.

Jonathan & Hannah Victor :: India
Jonathan & Hannah are national missionaries with Bibles International and Baptist Mid-Missions. Jonathan works as a consultant checking Bible translations and takes part in translation workshops. Hannah teaches children in the local schools. They also have a Bible Study in their home.

Josh & Sara Whitman :: Italy
Josh & Sara both grew up in Italy and have planted a church in Imola. They are working with youth and family outreach programs as well as training Italians to reach Italians. Website

Emily Wiarda :: Kenya
Emily is serving with Africa Inland Missions at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya as dean of women. Emily also teaches a couple of classes at RVA.

Larry & Bev Smith :: Kettering, OH
Larry & Bev have been missionaries with ABWE since 1964 and have served the Lord in Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua and Canada. In mid 2007 they returned to the states for semi-retirement. They currently serve in a ministry with ABWE in Cuba.

Leland & Marcia Hovingh :: Semi-retired in Grand Rapids, MI
Leland & Marcia served with Africa Inland Mission in Kenya since 1976. In April 2007 they returned home to Michigan. They are now building relationships with Africans living in the Grand Rapids area.

Bob & Lois Walsh :: Semi-retired in Grand Rapids, MI
Bob & Lois served with ABWE in Brazil planting churches. They are now working in a small church in Mogi Mirim to help strengthen that group of believers.