Sunday Nights

Sunday Nights at Blythefield are all about connection, learning, and family… All the action kicks off at the Rockford Campus at 5:30pm with snacks, classes begin at 6pm. Blythefield Kids (Birth-Grade 4) check-in begins at 5:45pm at the Rockford Campus only.

Rockford Campus niteLIFE for middle school and high school starts at 5:30pm most Sunday Nights. Check the Rockford Campus Student News Feed for up-to-date information.

Northview Campus niteLIFE 5:30-7pm (Grades 9-12), every other Sunday is off-site for small groups.

Dates to be aware of:

  • April 5: Palm Sunday—No PM programming
  • April 12: Easter Sunday, No PM
  • April 19: Town Hall Meeting
  • May 3: Last Night in Classes
  • May 10: Mother’s Day—No PM programming
  • May 17: Annual Business Meeting
  • May 24: Memorial Day Weekend—No PM programming


The God Who is Here with Tim Hoyt
Focusing our attention on God can be utterly humbling and transforming. We will take a quick run through the majors of Bible with a focus on the person of God and how He impacts people. God’s self-revelation climaxes in Jesus.

Hard Questions Welcome with Rob Bowman
Room 421
Being a Christian does not mean having all the answers. If you are sometimes unsure what to believe, or people ask you hard questions about Christianity, you’re not alone. This class will help you learn how to think about your faith and share what you believe with others. Bring questions, uncertainties, even doubts. Feel free to bring friends or family members who do not yet believe in Christ.

Trauma Competent Care Training with Bethany Hall
Portable 2
Moving from being consciously compassionate to competently compassionate is the heartbeat of the Trauma Competent Caregiver training curriculum. This training series is evidenced-based and rooted in a biblical foundation. It is designed to equip those involved in caring for adopted, foster, and vulnerable children with the knowledge and skills necessary to help wounded children heal and grow into the person God created them to be. This training is ideal for foster/adoptive families and anyone who would like to support them. It is also beneficial for teachers, childcare workers, and those wanting to learn more about how to love and care for children who have experienced trauma.

Marriage Class with Gary Heim
Portable 3

Blythefield Bible Institute

BBI Classes, (all $25 per person, registration required)
Blythefield Bible Institute provides an opportunity for instruction in the foundations of the Christian faith. A series of 16 courses works through the core tenets of theology and biblical studies.

How to Study the Bible with Josh Vajda
Room 164
How to Study the Bible is a foundational course for understanding Bible Study methods. This course will walk through the essential steps for observing, interpreting, and applying the Biblical text. We will be using the book Living and Learning God’s Word by Daniel Estes.

Register for How to Study the Bible

Bible: Torah with Dr. Brian Webster
Room 304

The first five books of the Bible, form an essential foundation for understanding the rest of God’s revelation. This class will not only give you facts about the history and background of the books, it will teach you sound principles for diving into them on your own. We will be using the book Survey of the Old Testament by Hill and Walton

*Prerequisite: Complete our “How to Study the Bible” class or read Living and Learning God’s Word by Daniel Estes (available in the Rockford Campus library).

Register for Bible: Torah

Theology: Humanity and Sin with Dr. Michael Wittmer
Room 300
The Blythefield Bible Institute’s five theology courses walk through the major doctrines of the Christian faith. This section covering, “Humanity and Sin” will help you to understand the Christian perspective regarding who we are and our most fundamental problem.

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