Sunday Nights

Sunday Nights at Blythefield are all about connection, learning, and family… All the action kicks off at the Rockford Campus at 5:30p with snacks, classes begin at 6p. Blythefield Kids (Birth-Grade 4) check-in begins at 5:45p at the Rockford Campus only.

Rockford Campus niteLIFE for middle school and high school starts at 5:30p most Sunday Nights.  Check the Rockford Campus Student News Feed for up to date information.

Northview Campus niteLIFE 5:30-7p (Grades 9-12), every other Sunday is off-site for small groups.

Dates to be aware of:

  • December 8: Kids Christmas ( Birth – 3’s Only and niteLIFE)
  • December 15: Town Hall Meeting ( Birth – Grade 4 and niteLIFE)
  • December 22: Candlelight Service ( Birth – 3’s Only and niteLIFE)
  • December 29: No PM programming


The Cross of Christ with Tim Hoyt
Room 164
Christ’s death on the cross is central to our faith. It has both eternal and practical consequences for us.
We will study the heart of the cross, the problem of forgiveness and the way God achieved our salvation through the cross. Finally, we will look at what it means to live under the cross in our daily lives as believers.

Hard Questions Welcome with Rob Bowman
Room 421
Being a Christian does not mean having all the answers. If you are sometimes unsure what to believe, or people ask you hard questions about Christianity, you’re not alone. This class will help you learn how to think about your faith and share what you believe with others. Bring questions, uncertainties, even doubts. Feel free to bring friends or family members who do not yet believe in Christ.

Living Beyond Yourself (A study for women), by Beth Moore
Room 353 – Worship Room
You can know the freedom of a life filled with the fruit of the Spirit. In this classic Beth Moore study, the noted Bible teacher and author leads an in-depth study of the fruit of the Spirit. Through this study, you’ll come to appreciate the supernatural aspects of the fruit you cannot produce on your own. As we seek and maintain a Spirit-filled life the result is truly living beyond ourselves. The study includes video teaching every other week, 5 days of homework to be completed over a two week period and weekly small group discussion.

When: Sundays, Sept 15 – May 17, 5:30p, Rockford Campus

Cost :: $30

In Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family with Mike High
Author Paul David Tripp explores 14 practical and gospel-centered principles that will help parents see their role through the lens of God’s Word and change the way they interact with their children. Principles include grace, identity, lies, authority, foolishness, and character.