Senior Sneak

Graduating seniors are a BIG deal. We want to celebrate and help prepare you for the next part of your journey and that’s why we do Senior Sneak. You’ll start in Atlanta, Georgia for the Passion conference. Then you’ll sneak away together to an undisclosed location for a great time together. Check out this awesome Passion Video to get a taste of what’s ahead. Space is limited. Find out more about the Passion Conference.

Who: High School Class of 2020
When: December 30 – January 5
Where: Atlanta GA, then off to a secret location
Cost: $600 (students) $400 (leaders)
What to Bring: Packing List

*Please make sure your Med form is up to date (less than 1 year old)

Check-in: 6am December 30 (Arrive Rockford Campus, load buses, check in and receive final instructions)
Return: Later in the day on January 5

Student Registration Leader Registration