Parent Connect

Parent Connect topic this time around is Thinking Like a Child by Laurel Schwander, followed by a concert by Tony Pete! Laurel and Tony both attend Blythefield and we are so grateful that you and your kids will get to enjoy this time together.

Parent Connect is all about connecting with other parents and learning together. We are not alone in our parenting journey! We will treat you with lunch too…

More on the topic we’ll be exploring with Laurel—Thinking Like a Child
The developing person is a marvel. When interacting with children, either casually at the drinking fountain or intentionally as a small group leader, we have the potential for a great connection if we keep a few basic principles in mind. As a church that is for the next generation of Christ-followers, we would love all children to experience delight and guidance by all who interact with them. This teaching will give you practical ways to take your relationship with children to the next level of fun and loving connection.

BONUS: Enjoy a 30-minute concert by Internationally Awarded Music Artist Tony Pete! Check out his music here!

Who: Parents and children from all campuses are welcome
When: Sunday, March 8, 202
Where: Rockford Campus Commons
Contact: Kristin Fankhauser, [email protected]