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Geared Up

Tuesday, September 3, 6p

The event of the year for all volunteers who love the next generation at BHBC. Geared Up is back this year and better than ever with plenty of new surprises., Student and Worship Ministries (new this year) from all campuses will gather on September 3 at 6p for Geared Up. You’ll hear from the leadership team while you eat and then choose 3, 20-minute breakouts to help you grow in your skills to Light the Fuse of the Next Generation… Dinner begins at 6p.

If you are a new volunteer we can’t wait to have you! We will be offering all the training you need to have a successful year. Welcome to the team!

Who :: All and Student Ministry volunteers
When :: Tuesday, September 3, 6-9p
Where :: Rockford Campus
Contact :: Kristin Fankhauser [email protected]
No cost and no need to sign up. Just show up…

If you haven’t already signed up to serve somewhere we’d love to hear from you. Start the conversation here.


The Wonder of Worship

It is a mystery that intrigues our imagination … our God is transcendent, holy and omniscient; yet, He is also personal, intimate, and tender. In His creative love, He shaped us all differently. We each have unique ways of connecting with His heart. This breakout will discuss how we can help the children, students and adults in our circles find their expression in ways that are intimate, reverent, freeing and joy-filled.

Leader :: Vicki Modert
Location :: Commons

Trauma, trust and Jesus

“Behavior is the language of a child who has lost his voice” – Karen Purvis. Often times when working with children, we see them demonstrate defiance, meltdowns, aggressive behavior and excessive need to control. What if these behaviors were not only a result of their sin nature, but also a direct result of trauma they have experienced. Many of the children we serve have experienced some form of trauma. As we learn to interpret their behavior, we can better respond in a way that brings healing and points them to Jesus. This breakout will discuss the definition of trauma, its affects on a child’s brain, body and belief system, and practical ways you can help a child displaying “bad behavior” build trust, learn new skills, and ultimately see the love of Jesus.

Leader :: Bethany Hall
Location :: Landing

Thinking like a child

The developing person is a marvel. When interacting with children, either casually at the drinking fountain or intentionally as a small group leader, we have the potential for great connection if we keep a few basic principles in mind. As a church that is for the next generation of Christ followers, we would love all children to experience delight and guidance by all who interact with them. This breakout will leave you with practical ways you can take your relationship with children to the next level of fun and connection, making clear to all children that the local church is a place of love for them.

Leader :: Laurel Schwander
Location :: Woods

Heaven will be fun

When we enjoy life, activities, relationships and good memory making, we are experiencing something of God’s kingdom. Sometimes, however, we can be at a loss as to how to craft experiences that will create a sense of bonding with the kids, students and people with whom we serve. This breakout will be a practical guide to how to craft experiences that create a sense of safety and bonding and good old fashion fun.

Leader :: Stephen High
Location :: Gym

The gift of a proper self image

It has been well said “A proper self image is not something to work on, but rather a gift to receive”. This breakout will describe that gift and the joy that comes from receiving it as well as the blessings given to those we lead.

Leader :: Isaac Bronkema
Location :: Loft

The Hero’s Journey

Stories are powerful and have limitless ability to shape our imagination. This breakout will draw you into that process by helping you understand the way God’s story breathes, draws, inspires, creates and transforms the story of us all.

Leader :: Don Pearson
Location :: Student Center