Annual Business Meeting

Our annual meeting is an important time in the life of Blythefield Hills Baptist Church. All BHBC members are encouraged to attend. If you have questions, a pastor and deacon will be available Sunday, May 21 in room 304 at 10:15-10:45a or 4:30-5:15p. If you cannot attend the meeting, proxy ballots will be available at the Info Desk.

When :: Sunday, May 21 at 7:15p
Who :: All BHBC members. Regular attenders may attend, but cannot vote or ask questions.
Where :: Worship Center (parents please pick up your kids before attending the meeting)

The following will be voted on during the meeting:
1. Receive New Members
2. Affirm becoming One Church with Two Locations following Northland Baptist Church’s vote to dissolve and donate its assets to BHBC. Find out more here.
3. Approve Amendments to our Constitution :: Find out more here.
4. Approve Statement of Beliefs :: Find out more here.
5. Approve Deacons :: The nominees to serve a term beginning June 1, 2017 and ending May 31, 2020 are: Sam Beals, Cameron Currie, Carl Dufendach and Leroy Shively.
6. Approve Budget :: Depending on the outcome of Northland Baptist Church’s vote to dissolve and donate assets to BHBC, one of the following budgets will be proposed and voted on for fiscal year 2017-18:
One site budget of $4,226,000 which reflects a 2.05% increase over the prior year. :: View one site budget.
Multisite budget of $4,596,000 which reflects a 4.88% increase over the prior year when we include BHBC’s 2016-17 and Northland BC’s 2017 budgets. :: View multisite budget.

Contact :: Tim Hoyt

  • Event Date
  • May 21, 2017