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You are welcome here.

If you’re looking for perfection this may not be the place for you. We don’t have it all together. But we’re okay with that because Jesus is our hope. Whether curious, committed, desperate or confused, join us.

The NEXT generation matters.

From the newborn to the twenty something, the next generation matters to us. We are committed to creating environments that fuel the wonder, discovery and passion of young faith.

On a mission.

Learn about our local and global efforts to make Jesus known.


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"I'm not creative. I just wasn't born that way." Whether you consider yourself creative or not, everyone can learn to release the creativity inside. From this talk you will learn to develop creative habits and emerge into the creative person God designed you to be.

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Join a life group or support group. Grow in a class or study. Get involved in prayer. There are many ways to connect.